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Time is our most precious resource. I'm interested in analyzing the tensions between the past and the future and the contradictions they bring. My work examines the tragedy of time's progression and grapples with questions about the nature of time, how we value it and how we can come to terms with our own futures.

In my #disrupt series, I use images of outdated technology as a visual metaphor for the passage of time.

I like to arrange objects in formal composition, creating heroic portraits of the aristocracy of the past. There aren'y quick snapshots from a cellphone or a Polaroid camera, but instead staged old family albums or royal portraits. They are posing for the rightful place in the museum halls of royal posterity, They are both witnesses and agents of change. These paintings strive to do the impossible for their them transcend time.

My style reflects time's eroding nature. It is a visualization of the way realism and form become deconstructed and increasingly abstract thought the passage of time. Time chips away at the present, and what was today becomes just a fuzzy memory. My objects are full of gaps and scuff marks; sometimes they are patched ip with a color that doesn't match, appearing like a displaced but well-intentioned memory.

We live in a cultish age of technology. This is my tribute.

--Agnieszka Pilat