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Christine Flynn

Artist Statement

Distracted by creating my future in the design world, I neglected my art for quite some time. UP70194 numbers on a tanker are what inspired my return home. Home is not a place, rather memories of my life with others. My work is not about me or what I have experienced, it is about what I have seen. The moments I have captured and the memories that they trigger inside anyone who looks. I am drawn to the obvious, to the everyday, to the natural beauty and sometimes harsh reality that surrounds us. My intention is not to recreate existence of objects that I shoot, rather to encourage the image to be seen beyond our own obliviousness,

UP70194 resonates within me and is expressed naturally without thought and/or preconception in my work along with additional numbers and letters, no rhyme or reason simply inspiration from the basic learning most of us had in our early childhood. I also use vintage findings, old letters, images, and notes that are sometime collaged into the pieces and then resined for protection.


  • Houghton College, BFA Photography and Design

Art Fairs

  • Context, Art Miami - Art Basel Miami

  • Art Toronto, Toronto, ON

  • Art Hamptons, The International Fine Art Fari, Bridgehampton, NY

  • Boston International Art Fair, Boston, MA, Gold Gallery

  • Love Art Fair, Toronto, ON

  • Affordable Art Fair, New York, NY

  • Affordable Art Fair, London, Battersea

  • John Houshmuand Projects, New York, NY

  • Pulse New York, New York, NY

  • Art & Design Boston Print Fair, Boston, MA

  • Scope New York, New York, NY

Select Exhibitions

  • In With The New, Gold Gallery, Boston, MA

  • Exposed: A Group Photography Show, Gold Gallery, Boston, MA

  • Stark + Kent Gallery, Palm Springs, CA

  • Love the Design Gallery, Toronto, ON

  • Rouge Concept Gallery, Toronto, ON

  • CBC Made in Canada, Toronto, ON