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New Works

Gold Gallery is pleased to announce New Works: Michael Azgour and Bryan Grose. In a new collection of oil paintings on canvas, the collection celebrates the gallery’s new relationships with both painters.

Azgour, currently living in Poland, is a professor at Stanford University. His paintings are a reflection of the highly globalized, yet still culturally disparate world. He juxtaposes seemingly unrelated elements as a way to exemplify these differences using paint as a form of metaphor and hyperbole.

Bryan Grose, a painter living in Minnesota, is also interested in contrasts, but as they relate to American Industrial landscapes and the vibrant culture that can grow within these communities. He elaborates, within cold concrete and steel buildings manifests a vibrant countercultural creativity that is evident in many forms that add unto each other – art, music, theatre, writing among others. All of these have affected me in profound ways and serve as a framework for my own artistic expression.