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Places of Reflection

Saturday, May 5th 5 - 8 PM

May 5th–June 30th 2018

Katherine Young developed a love for the water in childhood and uses it as the subject of her paintings today. Her use of leafed panel calls attention to the reflective and spiritual qualities of nature. Young attended the Corcoran School of Art in Washington, DC before attending Duke and Stanford Universities to study Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. After 10 years practicing medicine, Young returned to her love of painting fulltime. She graduated Cum Laude with an MFA from the Academy of Art University, San Francisco, CA.

Polarity: New Paintings by Louise LeBourgeois and Elsa Munoz

Thursday, October 5th 6 - 8 PM

October 4th–31st 2017

Ever essential water serves as the subject tin wash painter's project, yet the collections' visual manifestations have opposite tendencies and address the many forms in which this element can actualize. LeBourgeois continues her project of paintings controlled and contemplative horizons, inspired by water's subtle albeit ever-changing state, which Munoz captures its volatile, unpredictable nature inherent within.

Join us for a TWO-NIGHT opening reception: RSVP for an intimate client reception on Thursday, October 5 from 6 - 8 PM or join us for First Friday, October 6 from 5 - 8 PM. The artists will be in attendance both evenings.

Dialogue: New Paintings by Joerg Dressler and Ryoko Tajiri

Friday, June 2nd 5 - 8 PM

June 2nd–July 30th 2017

Join us June 2 from 5 - 8 PM for the opening reception of Dialogue: New Paintings by Joerg Dressler and Ryoko Tajiri. Each artist deals with contrasts within their own projects and in tackling this similar challenge, a dialogue is inspired between them.

Silke Schoener: New Landscapes

Friday, May 5th 5 - 8 PM

May 3rd–28th 2017

We are celebrating our five year anniversary with a solo exhibition by Silke Schoener, the painter whose work graced our walls for our inaugural show in 2012. In a new collection of landscape paintings on canvas, Schoener continues her project of challenging how we read landscape, omitting the non-critical and reducing the canvas to the essentials.

#disrupt: New Paintings by Agnieszka Pilat

Friday, March 3rd 5 - 8 PM

March 1st–April 23rd 2017

Gold Gallery is pleased to announce the newest body of work by gallery artist Agnieszka Pilat. In her most recent collection, #disrupt, Pilat continues her project investigating time using outdated technology as a visual metaphor. Join us Friday, March 3, for our opening reception from 5 - 8 PM.

Perceptions: Paintings by David Kessler and Shay Kun

Friday, February 3rd 5 to 8 PM

February 2nd–26th 2017

Running from February 2 - February 26, "Perceptions: Paintings by David Kessler and Shay Kun" will feature acrylic and oil paintings that challenge our perception of memory and the physical world.

Kessler (b. United States, 1950), is a graduate of the San Francisco Art Institute and currently resides in Arizona. His work has been exhibited internationally and is included in several esteemed art museum collections including The Strasbourg Contemporary Museum and The Brooklyn Museum, among others. Kun (b. Israel, 1974), is a graduate of London's prestigious Goldsmith's College. His paintings have been exhibited and collected world wide and have served as the subject for numerous articles and reviews.

Encapsulated: New Works by Christine Flynn and Jay Kelly

Friday, October 7th 6 to 8 PM

October 7th–November 20th 2016

Gold Gallery is pleased to announce its Fall 2016 exhibition, Encapsulated; a two-person show featuring new works by Christine Flynn and Jay Kelly.

The inspiration for the show is two-fold: the artist's collection captures images from another time and place, preserving them for future generations. Additionally, each artist uses a resin surface giving a heightened permanence and protectiveness to the pieces.

Fragments Opening Reception

Friday, March 4th 5 - 9 PM

February 23rd–April 23rd 2016

Gold Gallery is proud to present Fragments, a group show with works by gallery artists Tom Brydelsky, Jeff Cohen, Christie Scheele, Douglas Schneider and Ryoko Tajiri. Please join us for the opening reception on March 4 from 5 - 9 PM. The show will be on view through April 23!

In With the New

Thursday, November 12th 12 - 6 PM

November 12th–29th 2015

Join us in our new home at 460C Harrison Avenue to see "In With the New," a group show featuring recent work by six gallery artists. Work by Joerg Dressler, Jessica Dunegan, Christine Flynn, Louise LeBourgeois, Agnieszka Pilat and Silke Schoener will be on view through the end of December.

Immerse: New Watercolors by Ali Cavanaugh

Friday, September 18th 6 - 8

September 8th–October 18th 2015

Gallery is pleased to announce Immerse, a new collection of watercolors on clayboard by Ali Cavanaugh (American, b. 1973). The grouping represents a departure from her previous project in several capacities.

Immerse is an abandonment of the artist's hyper- representational aesthetic and, rather, embraces the fluidity and ungoverned nature of watercolor. In past paintings, her subject were most often teenage women, emulating introverted emotions. Now, her young daughter acts as a muse, embodying opening, honesty and forgiveness--all traits that can likewise be used to characterize the temperament of the collection. Additionally, these significant changes inspired an unfamiliar scope--previous work was exclusively small, intimate and contemplative. Immerse includes large-scale work that is direct or even confronting and meant to envelop the viewer completely.

The creation of this collection, aptly named, both required that the artist immerse herself in unexplored process and subject, and in turn holds the audience captive with its imagery.

Listen to a podcast of Ali's interview with artist John Dalton here: Part 1 and Part 2


Thursday, July 2nd 11 AM – 8 PM

June 2nd–5th 2015

We are excited to be participating at this year's ArtHamptons, which will take place over July 4th Weekend in Bridgehampton, NY.

ArtHamptons will take place at a private estate on a Lumber Lane Reserve July 2 – July 5th, 2015. As the longest-standing art fair in the Hamptons, the fair is celebrating its eighth edition. With nearly 90 exhibitors from all over the world, the fair also boasts collaborations with numerous leading museums and institutions.

If you find yourself in beautiful Bridgehampton this July 4th weekend, join us at this wonderful art event!

Coast to Coast

Friday, May 1st 6 - 8 PM

May 1st–June 28th 2015

In her first solo exhibition at Gold Gallery, Christine Flynn has created a body of work that captures the West and East Coasts of North America. In a collection compiled of Photo and Mixed Media with Resin, Flynn continues her project of capturing moments in order to trigger something within anyone who may look. She writes, I am drawn to the obvious, to the everyday, to the natural beauty and sometimes harsh reality that surrounds us. My intention is not to recreate existence of objects that I shoot, but rather to encourage the image to be seen beyond our own obliviousness.

Continued on the Next Page...

Friday, September 26th 6 - 8

September 19th–October 17th 2014

For his first solo show at Gold Gallery, Jay Kelly has created a new body of collage works with resin. In Continued on the Next Page..., Kelly draws inspiration from imagery and advertisements found in vintage fashion magazines. His process is meticulous, as he assembles each piece entirely from tiny torn papers sourced from magazines, books and photographs. HIs subjects are timeless, yet the resin pour gives the work a contemporary edge.

Bicycle Bicycle

Saturday, August 23rd 6 - 8 PM

August 20th–27th 2014

In a series of non-figural 'portraits,' Ali-Salaam explores the bicycle as a physical manifestation of the celebrity of the rider. Simple distinctions like stickers, baskets and wear that differentiate these vehicles also function to individualize the owner and his or her role in a more complex discourse as it relates to the socioeconomic and environmental implications of an urban existence.

The Whimsical World of Miriam Shenitzer

Saturday, December 7th 4 - 6 PM

December 6th–22nd 2013

For our holiday feature we are thrilled to introduce a selection of hand painted etchings by Miriam Shenitzer. Peer into the artist's fanciful and hilarious world and embrace the playfulness and delight of the holiday season. Stop by the gallery over the weekend to see this newest installation!

Explicit + Implied: New Paintings by Silke Schoener + Joerg Dressler

Friday, September 20th 6 - 8 PM

September 14th–October 31st 2013

Gold Gallery is pleased to announce the two person show Explicit + Implied: New Paintings by Silke Schoener + Joerg Dressler. In their collections of oil paintings on canvas, both German painters study the elusive world around us through very distinct projects. In her second feature show at Gold Gallery, Schoener continues her project of exploring the obvious and unknown in her realist landscapes. Dressler's canvases examine dualities that exist in nature, shifting seamlessly between abstraction and representation.

Third Thursdays on Tremont

Thursday, July 18th 5 - 8 PM

July 14th–September 1st 2013

Join us Thursday, July 18 as a group of young neighborhood entrepreneurs come together to celebrate their blossoming businesses and what has become a unique shopping district west of Dartmouth Street.

This month will feature new artwork by Louise LeBourgeois, wines by Urban Grape South End, small batch goods from Olives & Grace and refreshing teas by David's Tea.

Come by to see what we have to offer! We look forward to seeing you!

Life Deconstructed: Jessica Dunegan and Ryoko Tajiri

Thursday, May 16th 6 - 8 PM

May 15th–June 30th 2013

Gold Gallery is pleased to announce a two-woman show featuring new works by Jessica Dunegan and Ryoko Tajiri. Through these unique perspectives, Life Deconstructed explores figurative painting by reducing it to basic elements. With her resin and acrylic technique, Dunegan suspends her subjects in space; isolating and celebrating human form. Using acryl;ic on canvas, Tajiri fragments our bodily shape to solely planes of color and light; challenging our visual perceptions. Although working in very distinct projects, both Dunegan and Tajiri embrace figurative painting by engaging only the integral.

Boxers & Ballerinas: A Suite of Drawings by Michael Costello

Friday, February 15th 6 - 8 PM

February 10th–March 17th 2013

A suite of drawings by Boston artist Michale Costello, inspired by graphic novels and the Belle Epoque, that explores our inherent duality.

Art + Alchemy: A Juried Show with the United South End Artists at Gold Gallery

Friday, January 11th 6 - 8 PM

January 10th–February 8th 2013

Please join us for our first annual juried show with the United South End Artists. Gold Gallery has carefully selected eleven artists living and/or practicing in the South End to exhibit with us for one month. Come experience the enormous talent this group has to offer and help support the arts in our neighborhood!

GILDED: A Holiday Group Show Where Everything's Gold and Anything Goes!

Friday, December 7th 6 - 8 PM

November 15th–January 2nd 2013

Not only is gold a wonderfully festive tone, it also (not shockingly, we hope!) happens to be the name of the gallery. In the spirit of the holidays (and us!), we've asked each of our artists to submit new work based on whatever their interpretation of "gold" might be. For artists like Joerg Dressler, this has translated to a use of gold leaf in two new abstracted landscapes. Michael Costello has submitted a piece from his "American Beauty" series, which follows a Marilyn Monroe (an iconic gold standard of beauty) wig as it adorns various heads, forcing us to question how our perception of beauty changes. 'Gold' has manifested itself in each of these new paintings through themes, materials and color schemes. Come join us to check out these tremendously creative interpretations and brace yourself for some serious luster.

Third Thursday: Jessica Dunegan

Thursday, October 18th 5 - 7 PM

October 18th–November 1st 2012

In our final Third Thursday of the year, Gold Gallery is delighted to feature work by Boston-based artist, Jessica Dunegan. Jessica explores a variety of themes in her multi-media works, capturing moments that seem to oscillate between serenity and profound unrest, simultaneously creating tranquility and tension. The nebulous nature of her figurative paintings draws us in as we search for answers to the questions that arise from her mysterious narrative. Her choice of the chandelier as a subject signifies a dialogue between the constant and the changing, as she makes reference to this fixture that has continuously existed in Southern estates throughout generations. Her work investigates a wide range of themes, but her use of mediums such as photography, painting and resin is the connecting thread between each piece. The static solidity of Jessica's mixed media process juxtaposes her visual interpretations of the ephemeral and fleeting.

In Essence: New Paintings by Christie Scheele

Friday, October 5th 6-8 PM

September 20th–November 1st 2012

In her first solo exhibition at Gold Gallery, Scheele takes a minimal approach to landscape painting, reducing her scenes to their essentials. In a new collection of oil paintings on canvas, the artist will continue her focus on atmosphere, a unifying theme in her work.

Third Thursday: Jenny Nelson

Thursday, September 20th 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

September 20th–October 5th 2012

It is with great excitement that we debut Jenny Nelson's abstract oils for this month's Third Thursday! Jenny has lived and worked in Woodstock, NY for nearly 20 years. While formally trained in painting, attending both the Maine College of Art and Bard College, Jenny has always gravitated to abstract form in her work. Her use of color and texture within her paintings is superb, inspiring viewers to be all-consumed while contemplating her canvases. Sofi Madison of Olives & Grace will once again delight us with her carefully curated treats from emerging food makers. Make sure to stop in and enjoy the sights, tastes, and smells for which Gold Gallery's Third Thursdays are known. See you on the 20th!