Au Gallery : Gold Gallery

GILDED: A Holiday Group Show Where Everything's Gold and Anything Goes!

Friday, December 7th 6 - 8 PM

November 15th–January 2nd

Not only is gold a wonderfully festive tone, it also (not shockingly, we hope!) happens to be the name of the gallery. In the spirit of the holidays (and us!), we've asked each of our artists to submit new work based on whatever their interpretation of "gold" might be. For artists like Joerg Dressler, this has translated to a use of gold leaf in two new abstracted landscapes. Michael Costello has submitted a piece from his "American Beauty" series, which follows a Marilyn Monroe (an iconic gold standard of beauty) wig as it adorns various heads, forcing us to question how our perception of beauty changes. 'Gold' has manifested itself in each of these new paintings through themes, materials and color schemes. Come join us to check out these tremendously creative interpretations and brace yourself for some serious luster.