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Immerse: New Watercolors by Ali Cavanaugh

Friday, September 18th 6 - 8

September 8th–October 18th

Gallery is pleased to announce Immerse, a new collection of watercolors on clayboard by Ali Cavanaugh (American, b. 1973). The grouping represents a departure from her previous project in several capacities.

Immerse is an abandonment of the artist's hyper- representational aesthetic and, rather, embraces the fluidity and ungoverned nature of watercolor. In past paintings, her subject were most often teenage women, emulating introverted emotions. Now, her young daughter acts as a muse, embodying opening, honesty and forgiveness--all traits that can likewise be used to characterize the temperament of the collection. Additionally, these significant changes inspired an unfamiliar scope--previous work was exclusively small, intimate and contemplative. Immerse includes large-scale work that is direct or even confronting and meant to envelop the viewer completely.

The creation of this collection, aptly named, both required that the artist immerse herself in unexplored process and subject, and in turn holds the audience captive with its imagery.

Listen to a podcast of Ali's interview with artist John Dalton here: Part 1 and Part 2