Au Gallery : Gold Gallery

Third Thursday: Jessica Dunegan

Thursday, October 18th 5 - 7 PM

October 18th–November 1st

In our final Third Thursday of the year, Gold Gallery is delighted to feature work by Boston-based artist, Jessica Dunegan. Jessica explores a variety of themes in her multi-media works, capturing moments that seem to oscillate between serenity and profound unrest, simultaneously creating tranquility and tension. The nebulous nature of her figurative paintings draws us in as we search for answers to the questions that arise from her mysterious narrative. Her choice of the chandelier as a subject signifies a dialogue between the constant and the changing, as she makes reference to this fixture that has continuously existed in Southern estates throughout generations. Her work investigates a wide range of themes, but her use of mediums such as photography, painting and resin is the connecting thread between each piece. The static solidity of Jessica's mixed media process juxtaposes her visual interpretations of the ephemeral and fleeting.